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Passions and Prenups: What’s Important to You?

Passions and Prenups: What’s Important to You?

One of the overlooked benefits of prenuptial agreements is how they can help couples address their passions and priorities. Of course, it is critical to protect assets and elaborate on responsibility for debts, but it is also an important way for couples to address what they deem as important. Here are a few examples.

A Meaningful Inheritance

If you have recently received or expect an inheritance, that asset was likely intended for you personally. You have a right to keep that for your personal benefit, and a prenup agreement can help you do that. This can be particularly meaningful if the inheritance was personal and from a beloved relative. Keep in mind, you don’t have to choose to protect an inheritance, but it may be an option.

A Beloved Pet

Pets are our passion. So much so, in fact, that pets become a priority in their prenups. While you can’t determine the disposition of children in a relationship, the fate of pets can be negotiated in a prenuptial agreement.

A Prized Collection

Many have spent years, some going back to their childhoods, collecting everything from coins and dollars to sports memorabilia and die-cast cars. While many of these collections may have modest value, they can have personal value for the collector. It is also possible that some rare item is among the boxes of items that could be worth thousands of dollars. If you enter a marriage with a collection, and it is important for you to isolate it, a prenuptial agreement can help you do just that.

A Restored, Classic or Antique Car

If you have taken the time, made the effort, and spent the resources to restore a classic vehicle, you know how vested you are in that project. Its value goes well beyond what may be listed in some price guide. If the restoration was completed prior to marriage, provisions can be made to keep it out of marital assets.

A Piece of Jewelry

Many people enter relationships with meaningful, if not valuable, pieces of jewelry. It may have been gifted to them as a sweet 16 birthday present, a graduation gift, or left to them by a parent or grandparent. It can be upsetting to have such a meaningful item lumped into marital assets. A prenup can help ensure these items are handled properly.

Prenups can help protect your assets and financial future. They can also help ensure items of personal meaning are taken care of. You may even already agree on many of these issues. It also prevents those attitudes from changing under the duress of a divorce.

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