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Reasons Custody Arrangements are Important

When two people have a child, the time may come when parents are no longer in a relationship with one another, and specific arrangements will need to be made, making the services of a family lawyer in Tampa, FL imperative. Parties can make various child custody agreements, but parents can customize these agreements to meet the child’s best interests. Sharing custody of a child can be complex. Still, when parents can work together and focus on the child, it’s possible to develop an agreement that allows the child to feel as though their life remains supported and predictable. These arrangements cannot be designed and left to sit on a shelf; they may need to be modified over time. The process can be complicated; having a professional from The McKinney Law Group will play a vital role in representing parents needing this form of assistance. 

Reasons Custody Arrangements are Important

While it can be challenging to make arrangements on how you and your spouse will share in caring for your child, there must be a formal agreement in place. This is critical because, should complications or disagreements arise, there is a legal agreement to refer back to later on. Having a formal custody arrangement in place offers several benefits, for example:

  • It gives children a sense of stability and predictability
  • Prevents confusion over the arrangement 
  • Makes sure that the children receive proper care and is taken care of both emotionally and financially

As a Tampa, Florida family lawyer can share, matters surrounding your child can quickly become challenging to contend with, especially when developing agreements covering custody and child support. Working with a lawyer can help you protect your interests and negotiate agreements that work for both you and your children.

Making Custody Agreements

Parents have several options for making arrangements for their children, specifically child custody. While the process can be highly emotional and often contentious, both parties can reach an agreement that works for the children and the parents. While it may be incredibly challenging, it’s important to remember that when parents keep the children’s interests at the forefront, the children will be better adjusted. The following are types of custody agreements that couples come up with:

  • Joint Custody
  • Sole Custody
  • Physical Custody
  • Legal Custody

Custody solutions may be relatively straightforward; for others, there may be significant discord. It’s important to note that there will still be more details to consider once a custody agreement is made, such as holiday schedules, responsibility, and decision making. Parents should always make custody arrangements in the child’s best interest, and it’s essential that children’s needs are kept at the forefront and that both parties make concessions. 


It should come as no surprise that custody arrangements may need to be modified over time. Sometimes this may be because the current agreement is not working, needs to be updated, or there has been a change in circumstance. Here are some reasons it may be appropriate to request a modification of child custody:

  • The child is being put in danger by the other parent
  • One parent is moving
  • The current visit schedule is not followed

A modification should be requested, especially if the child is adversely impacted due to the current arrangement. The McKinney Law Group can share that contending with such issues can be challenging. The assistance of a lawyer will play an essential role in ensuring that families develop agreements that are in the child’s best interest. To learn more, reach out to our Tampa, FL family lawyer. 

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