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Scientology Leader Faces Divorce Issues

In a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, attorneys representing three former church workers are asking a federal judge to end what they call a “cat and mouse game” by Church leader David Miscavige. The plaintiffs have tried to serve Miscavige with court papers 27 times since May, but he has evaded service each time. Plaintiffs asked the judge to declare that Miscavige was served by the publication so that the case can continue without him there.

Divorce-Related Legal Services 

The case involving David Miscavige is an extreme example of how difficult it can be to serve someone with court papers in a divorce case. In many cases, spouses who are trying to avoid service will do everything they can to make it difficult for their ex-spouse to find them. This can include moving to a new location, changing their name, or refusing to answer the door when served. A lawyer has a number of tools so that they can receive assistance to help clients who are served papers by their exes. These tools include:

  • Personal service: This is the most common method of service, and it involves having a process server hand-deliver the papers to the person being served.
  • Substitute service: This can be used if personal service cannot be accomplished. It involves leaving the papers with a responsible adult at the person’s home or business.
  • Publication: This is a last resort, and it involves publishing a notice of the lawsuit in a local newspaper. If you are going through a divorce, it is important to speak with a lawyer about how to serve your ex-spouse with court papers.

How To Respond If You Are Served Papers

There are helpful tips you can follow if you have been served with divorce papers, as a divorce lawyer like one from The McKinney Law Group will advise. To increase your chances of successfully serving your ex-spouse with court papers and moving forward with your divorce, it is important to be prepared. Ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork, such as the summons, complaint, and proof of service, in order. This will help streamline the serving process and avoid any delays. Additionally, conducting thorough research to find out where your ex-spouse currently lives and works is crucial. This information is essential for locating and serving them effectively.

Consider hiring a process server, as they are professionals trained in serving court papers. A process server understands the legal requirements and can handle the task efficiently and within the boundaries of the law. Their expertise can significantly increase the chances of successful service. Remember to be patient during the serving process. Serving court papers can sometimes take time, especially if your ex-spouse is evasive or difficult to locate. It is important to remain persistent and allow the process to unfold. Rushing or becoming frustrated may hinder progress. Remember that you should stay focused while you wait for your divorce to be finalized.

Contact A Skilled Lawyer

By following these tips and taking the necessary steps to ensure proper preparation, research, hiring a process server, and maintaining patience, you can enhance your likelihood of successfully serving your ex-spouse with court papers. If you have any questions about legal services, contact a lawyer immediately to receive legal advice.