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Tampa, Florida Prenups: Can I Keep the Dog?

Prenups: Can I Keep the Dog?

People are motivated in seeking a prenuptial agreement for a variety of reasons. For some, they may want to protect a recent or anticipated inheritance. Others may have equity in a home or property they previously purchased. Still others may have significant retirement funds, savings, or a business. Another good reason is to protect yourself from the debts of a partner.

Then there are those who have pets.

It may seem a bit frivolous or even silly to some, but in prenuptial agreements, pets can be serious business. Even if a pet isn’t a particularly valuable breed, one partner or the other may have a special attachment to it. For some pet owners, a prenup isn’t so much about splitting up marital assets or real estate as it is about one question: “Can I keep the dog?”

In Florida, there is no law or laws that provide for the custody of pets. In fact, in the Sunshine State, pets are treated like property, no different from a piece of furniture or an appliance. While that may seem a bit cold, it can be beneficial for a spouse who wants to keep the family dog…when there’s a prenup agreement.

Not only can provisions be made for the custody of the pet, but accommodations can be made for the care and well-being of the pet for years to come.

A prenuptial agreement can not only determine who gets the pet but also who will pay for the animal’s vet bills and even food and grooming. This is not uncommon in high-asset divorces.

Now, while who gets to keep the dog may seem like a relatively easy issue to resolve, if custody is critical to one partner and not the other, it can serve as a point of negotiation. This is far better handled in a prenup, however, than in the potentially caustic atmosphere of a divorce.

While “keeping the dog” may not be important to you, it is yet another issue that demonstrates the value of a well-crafted prenuptial agreement. Every couple, every person places varying values on different things and areas of a marriage. The time to talk your way through many of these is prior to marriage. In spite of what some believe, it is why a prenup can strengthen a marriage.

What is important to you? Let’s talk about it in a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation. We’ll discuss your situation and how you can benefit from experienced, professional legal representation.

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Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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