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The Average Cost of a Wedding in Florida

The Average Costs of a Wedding in Florida

If you are planning to get married in Florida, you probably have already been made aware of how expensive it can be. In fact, according to The Knot, a website that specializes in wedding-related information, the average price of a Florida wedding in 2022 was about $30,000.

If this seems excessive to you, you may be right. However, the $30,000 Florida average is in line with the costs in other states. What’s more is that inflation is contributing to escalating costs. Couples are finding themselves in a situation where budgets need to be increased or trimmed in other areas.

Where is all this money going? It adds up quickly.


You can expect to have your venue gobble up about 20% of your wedding budget. This, of course, will depend on how “in demand” your wedding date is and what features the venue may include in its costs. Florida has some exceptional venues, if you are prepared to pay for them. It is critical that you determine precisely what is included in the pricing of each venue you compare.


Catering costs vary widely depending on the quality of food, selection, type of service (sit-down, buffet, etc.), and even the type of dinnerware. Generally, catering can run from $2,000 to $8,000 for an average Florida wedding. Costs are usually based on a per-person basis, with a plated, sit-down dinner averaging about $40 per person. A buffet-style service can average about $27 per person.


This, too, will vary widely depending on how extensive you wish your images and videos to be. Experience does matter, so be sure to review their previous work. The average costs of a photographer for a Florida wedding is about $2,600, but you can spend significantly more. You don’t want to spend significantly less.


Most couples will be faced with the decision to choose from a band or a DJ for their wedding entertainment. Some will choose both, with a DJ used as fill for band breaks. Keep in mind, you want more than just music. You want entertainers who can read the room and make guests feel comfortable. Wedding experience is key. A good wedding DJ will likely average about $200 per hour in Florida. You can expect to pay an average of about $3,000 for a live band for a wedding.

Just remember, the above costs don’t even include decorations, a cake, limos or party buses, wedding party gifts, flowers, and more. Even perhaps more stunningly, the $30,000 average doesn’t include a wedding gown or the honeymoon.

The point is, there is a lot of time, planning, and costs associated with a wedding. Doesn’t it make sense you make the investment in a prenup agreement?

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