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The Imprtance of Determining Your Outcome in a High Asset Divorce

The Importance of Determining Your Outcome in a High Asset Divorce

This is not likely the first time you have heard this, but divorces can be messy. Even with the foresight of a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement, they can be bitter and contentious. If it is a high-asset divorce, it becomes even more complex.

Is there a way to keep your high-asset divorce on track and proceeding forward? Is it possible to limit the drama and hurt feelings? That will depend greatly on the couple and their circumstances, but yes, there are steps you can take.

Know Your Outcome

If your goal is revenge, payback, or to get even, your high-asset divorce will likely be a challenge. If, however, your goal is an equitable distribution of assets, it can be achieved more amicably. In a high-asset divorce, the goal should be to get what you rightfully deserve and your fair share of the marital assets. You certainly don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Hire a Respected Legal Team Experienced in High Asset Divorces

High-asset divorces are the major leagues of family law. Hire a team you have confidence in and who has a proven track record. Aunt Kathy’s friend may be a good slip-and-fall attorney, but she may not be your best choice in a high-asset divorce. You will likely need a team that includes a forensic accountant to uncover assets and perhaps even a private investigator. We can help you arrange that.

Be Honest and Transparent

High-asset divorces often go sideways when one person or the other is being dishonest, especially when it comes to assets. This fosters mistrust that can carry on through the entire proceeding. If you and a future ex-spouse want a smoother divorce, start by being upfront about assets. Getting caught hiding them is not a good look.

Keep Life Progressing During the Proceedings

Keep bills paid and circumstances as normal as possible during your high-asset divorce. This is not always easy. There can be temptations to begin exerting power or control during a divorce. In the scheme of things, the process is a relatively short period of your life. Protect yourself, but now is not the time to start exacting revenge.

There can be a lot at stake during a high-asset divorce. Real estate, luxury cars, jewelry, investments, boats, retirement funds, and even businesses. It is important to keep in mind that, at its core, divorce is a business/legal agreement. Do your best to minimize personal feelings and keep your eye on a successful outcome.

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