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The Most Common Examples of Employment Discrimination

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When hearing the term, “employment discrimination” we tend to think of discrimination that prevents employees from being hired. Although this is definitely an issue, discrimination can still exist even after an employee becomes hired. Sometimes this discrimination is caused by rude remarks by other employees and management. 

Other times, however, this discrimination can result in an employee not being adequately paid, not receiving recognition, or even being fired on unfair grounds. While employment discrimination can come in many forms we’re going to break down some of the most common forms of discrimination. 

Racial Discrimination

Unfortunately, racial discrimination is still a serious issue in this country. Sometimes racial discrimination also manifests in the workplace. This form of discrimination doesn’t always necessarily come about as racial slurs or other inappropriate comments from other workers. This type of discrimination can also mean that an employee isn’t hired, promoted, or even recognized for their achievements. 

Disability Discrimination 

Employees with certain disabilities might be judged to be inadequate to accomplish a task or fulfill a role even if they’re more than capable. Additionally, there can be company-specific policies that can unfairly target certain disabilities. For example, an employee with a disability that makes it hard to stand for a long period of time can be discriminated against as a cashier. Although the employee can still fulfill their role–as long as they’re provided with a chair–the place of employment may require them to stand. 

Gender Discrimination 

Along with racism, sexism is also still an issue. Women are often compensated less than men and may not be promoted to certain positions simply based on their gender. It’s also not uncommon for pregnant women to be discriminated against even more. Women can sometimes be sidelined once they have kids.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination 

Being discriminated against due to one’s sexual orientation or gender identity also happens. Employees may be made to feel unsafe due to their sexual orientation or gender identity or might be denied promotions. 

Religious Discrimination 

Religious discrimination is also an issue and can sometimes be linked with racial discrimination as well. Although employees are free to practice religion, a workplace might find ways to punish an employee for their beliefs. This may involve denying certain religious holidays or arguing their religious attire–such as a hijab or yarmulke–violates the employee dress code. 

Age Discrimination

Employees can also be discriminated against due to their age. Older employees might find it harder to re-enter the workforce and can often lose their jobs due to being discriminated against by younger employees. Likewise, younger employees can also be discriminated against as well. 

These are just some of the examples of discrimination in the workplace. The truth is, however, just about anyone can be discriminated against, both in the initial hiring process and during their employment. Employment discrimination can hamper an employee’s ability to fulfill their role and, in some instances, caused them to be fired. Having an employment lawyer on your side can help. Our friends at the Law Group of Iowa have a team of lawyers ready to assist! 

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