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Through a Child’s Eyes: Helping Your Child Through Custody

A divorce is hard enough on both spouses involved, but it is also incredibly difficult for the child. With their world being rocked by the separation of their parents, it is so easy for a child to be overwhelmed with emotions and have many questions. If you are in the midst of a divorce and are dealing with a child custody lawyer in Tampa, FL, there are some things that you should think about from your child’s perspective. 


The unknown, while scary for many adults, can also be scary for a little one who is watching their parents separate. It can be scary for a child to suddenly have to go stay with another parent at another house for weekdays or weekends, and so, if your child is fearful or anxious about all the changes going on, make sure you talk with them and try to ease their minds. Your attorney from Mckinney Law Group may be able to guide you with what to say to ease your child’s fears. 


Divorce can be a very confusing time, both for the spouses and for the children involved. As you plan out visitation schedules, your child might wrestle with confusion during this tough time, and you can help them by simply being there for them and being ready to answer any questions they have in the most appropriate ways. Your child custody lawyer in Tampa, FL, can also meet with your child to help them understand exactly what’s going on.


Leaving one parent to go stay with another is usually very hard for a child, especially when the divorce is recent and they aren’t used to the change. If your child custody lawyer in Tampa, FL, has helped you get primary custody and your child gets separation anxiety during visitations with your ex, you should attempt to comfort them by reminding them that you’ll see them again once the visitation is up. It also might be helpful to have your child go see a licensed counsellor to work through their feelings, but that is something that you would want to talk about with your attorney from Mckinney Law Group. 

Divorce is a messy situation with many difficult and complicated facets to it, and having children involved does not make it any easier. However, if you listen to your child and are there for them through this process, you may be able to help alleviate some of the fear, confusion, and sadness they are dealing with. 

A child custody lawyer Tampa FL residents respect may be beneficial to have when you are going through a child custody battle. At The McKinney Law Group, we understand the serious nature of your child custody matter and want to offer our assistance. Our goal is to find a legal solution that works for your unique situation.