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Is your timeshare agreement airtight?

A recent case outlines that timesharing agreements must outline all  possible avenues. 

Recent case law reminds us that time-sharing agreements should be as detailed and as specific as possible. In Herman v. Herman, 40 FLW D1427a (Fla.  3rd DCA) in case No. 3D15-296. L.T. case No. 12-14778, an opinion filed on June 17, 2015, the Court held that a Final Judgment providing that a child attend private school for the 2015-16 year did not require that child to attend private school in subsequent years, despite the fact that their Parties’ agreement specified an account that was used for the child’s education. The Court held that the Parties’ agreement did not specifically say the child was to attend private school in the following years and that silence could not be interpreted to mean something that was not specifically included in the agreement.

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