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Tips For Choosing a High Asset Divorce Attorney

If you and/or your spouse have significant financial assets, and you seem to be heading toward a divorce, your choice in legal representation is critical. After all, there can be plenty at stake. Savings, investments, real estate, cars, collectibles, memberships, and more can quickly amount to millions of dollars in value. This doesn’t even consider the cloud of anger, entitlement, resentment, and revenge that can emotionally impact the situation. Even in a relatively amicable high asset divorce, it’s not unusual to have concerns, frustrations, doubts, and suspicions about the other side. It is also common for one spouse or another to be more competitive, materialistic, or who simply wants more than their fair share.

In these circumstances, your attorney is not just your legal advisor. They are your confidante, ambassador, and cheerleader. They are there to represent your best interest, even through difficult times. They are both a general and foot soldier in what can be a caustic legal battle. They should be compassionate enough to carefully listen to your desires, wise enough to understand your options, and strong enough to be truthful. How do you choose the right high asset divorce attorney? Here are some quick tips.


One of the underestimated aspects of choosing legal representation in a high asset divorce is whether you and your attorney are compatible. Simply put, do you get along? You may not always agree, but you should be working together to secure a successful result. It may not be scientific, and it may not be found on a resume. That doesn’t make it any less tangible and valuable

Experience in High Asset Cases

Your attorney should not be intimidated by the circumstances surrounding high asset divorces. In fact, they should be comfortable in the arena. You should have confidence in their knowledge of the law, divorces, and the unique financial aspects of high-asset cases. They should have a working knowledge of alimony law, individual and marital assets, and what is and is not “on the table.” You want an attorney who is confident in situations where high net worth individuals and powerful legal teams are involved.

Knowledgeable of Complex Financial Issues

High asset divorces often involve very complex financial issues ranging from foreign investments to crypto currencies to business ownership. Not only should you choose an attorney who has a working knowledge of these financial issues but also has access to a forensic accounting and auditing team. High asset divorces can frequently include assets that have been “forgotten.” You want an attorney who leads a team that can uncover these assets.

What’s the best way to find a high asset divorce attorney that’s right for you? Friends, family, and business associate referrals can be valuable, as can online reviews. One of the best ways may be to have a no-obligation initial consultation with us. We can discuss your situation and see if we may be a good fit. No pressure. No drama. We start by listening…and offering solutions.

If you are facing a high asset divorce in Florida, reach out to us today.


Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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