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Tips For Navigating Divorce as Parent

Divorce is a painful and challenging process, but when you and your ex have a child together, the process can be even more difficult. Things can get heated quickly, and you and your spouse may frequently clash because you don’t agree on every detail. The reality is that you and your ex have to learn how to communicate effectively if you want your child to grow up in the best possible environment, as a lawyer that specializes in collaborative family law can tell you, like one from The Mckinney Law Group. Below are some tips for avoiding smoothly navigating a divorce as a parent. 

Be Willing to Compromise

Doing what’s best for your child may not always align with your personal preferences. If you and your ex do not see eye to eye on a number of topics concerning your child, you must learn to compromise where you can. For instance, you may not be able to spend certain holidays in a year with them, or you might end up with a visitation schedule that is not the most convenient for you. If you are willing to be open-minded and flexible with your co-parenting, then you are more likely to have a smoother experience. 

Create a Fair Parenting Plan

Developing a successful co-parenting plan is crucial. The idea of cooperating and collaborating with someone you do not get along with is unpleasant, but it’s something that you have to work on for your child’s sake. The bottom line is that your child needs both of their parents to act in a civil manner. When you are developing your parenting plan, focus on your child’s needs and what arrangement is most fair for them.

Stay Positive Around Your Child

Whenever you are around your child, maintain a positive demeanor around them. Children will notice how you are feeling and can pick up on subtle cues such as body language and facial expressions. When they are older your child will process the full impact of the divorce, but how you express yourself around them during this challenging time will have just as much of an impact. This includes refraining from bad-mouthing your ex around them and encouraging your child to have a healthy relationship with your ex.

Avoiding conflict with your ex is easier said than done. If you require legal advice for navigating a divorce with a child, you can meet with a lawyer who specializes in collaborative family law who will be able to help you. 

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