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Why Wait? Don’t Postpone Your Divorce Until After the Holidays

The holidays are often painted to be a much prettier picture than what they really are. What is often described as a magical season filled with priceless family memories is in reality a very stressful time, particularly for two people who are no longer interested in being married. Rather than sticking it out through just one more Christmas together, it may be time to start divorce proceedings immediately.

According to an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer, here’s a few reasons why you should start the process of getting divorced now, instead of postponing it until after the holidays:

It Will Eliminate Personal Stress During the Holiday Season

Sometimes the possibility of divorce weighs heavier on your mind than the actual process of getting a divorce. By stating the obvious and saying that you want to begin divorce proceedings immediately, you will notice that your stress levels actually dwindle rather than rise. There’s no reason to keep pretending just to survive the holiday season. It’s better to get to work on sorting out of the details of the divorce.

It Will Prevent You From Misleading Your Children or Family Members

Everyone wants to be the postcard for happiness during the holiday season. We all want to share in those warm, fuzzy feelings of togetherness and gratitude, but if a divorce is imminent, there’s no reason to try to hide it. Your children will likely be more grateful for your honesty, as most do not want to be caught off guard by the news of a divorce right after a happy, festive time.

It Will Give You a Fresh Start for the New Year

By beginning the divorce process during the holiday season, you will likely be nearing the end of the proceedings in the first few months of the new year. This means that next year can begin your fresh start, and you won’t have to spend the first part of the year sorting out of the logistics of the divorce. The new year can truly be yours.

It may be tempting to brush the need for a divorce aside and try to tackle it in the new year, but the reality of the matter is that when you are ready to pursue a divorce you should not wait. In all likelihood, the stress and chaos of the holidays would only make matters worse within the relationship, and it could end up being a very disappointing season for you and your family.

To begin divorce proceedings today, contact a qualified Tampa divorce attorney.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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