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What Stay-at-Home Moms Facing Divorce Need to Know

The number of women opting to leave the work force in order to stay home and raise their children is steadily rising. According to a recent Pew Research study, nearly 29 percent of American moms stay at home — which is a 6 percent increase from 1999. Most parents spend a significant amount of time considering the benefits and disadvantages of having one parent stay home, but they aren’t often considering the possibility of divorce.

This is what stay-at-home moms facing divorce need to know:

Stay-at-Home Moms can be at a Disadvantage During Divorce Proceedings

Since most couples split the assets that they accrued throughout the duration of their marriage, stay-at-home moms are often at a disadvantage. They often earn minimal income of their own during the marriage, which can have an impact when it is time to leave the marriage. Often funds are not readily available for stay-at-home mother’s to move out and find their own place during divorce proceedings.

Stay-at-Home Moms Often Face Significant Lifestyle Changes After Divorce

In today’s world, many women who choose to stay at home do so for personal reasons. It is a choice that they value and a lifestyle that they enjoy, and it’s often not sustainable after a divorce. Most stay-at-home moms have to go back to work after the divorce is finalized, and that can be a challenge. They often have a hard time finding work due to the fact that they have had a significant gap in their career.

Stay-at-Home Moms Should Work with an Attorney They Can Trust

Given the unique circumstances of stay-at-home moms, it’s important that they work with a qualified family law attorney who understands their needs and who will advocate for their rights. A stay-at-home mom will want to partner with an experienced attorney who will make sure that she gets the support she needs for her children as well as a secure start to her new life as an independent, single mom who is facing a new chapter in life.

The prospect of divorce is daunting for anyone, but it can be particularly intimidating for stay-at-home moms who may not be prepared to enter the work force again or who may struggle to be financially independent. It’s critical that stay-at-home moms in Florida work with a qualified Tampa divorce attorney who will advocate for them and guide them through the process. To discuss the specific circumstances of your divorce situation, contact us today.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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