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Who Wins When You Get a Prenup?

Who Wins When You Get a Prenup?

One of the reasons some couples can be reluctant to explore the benefits and advantages of getting a prenuptial agreement is a fear of competition and confrontation. Many couples view the process as negative by nature, and it may provoke discussions or even disagreements when they are unnecessary.

It can boil down to two outcomes. The fear that someone loses and the fear that someone wins.

So who wins when a couple decides to get a prenup?

We feel the answer is both. Here’s why.

A Prenuptial Agreement is a Sign of Mutual Respect

Rather than being a sign of mistrust or insecurity, a prenuptial agreement may be the ultimate sign of affection, respect, and trust. It demonstrates you are willing to be transparent about finances and how you want to proceed in your relationship with a sense of fairness.

It Demonstrates Maturity

When you explore the benefits of a prenup, it shows that you understand the possibility of ups and downs in a marriage. It demonstrates you are mature enough to say your relationship has at least a small probability of not working out. As beautiful, wonderful, and inspiring as love can be, there’s a reality that may have to be faced someday.

It is The Way Things are Done Today

Previous generations would automatically combine resources and assets when getting married at a young age. Today, couples are getting married at an older age and have accumulated more assets. They also have the opportunity to acquire more debt.

It is no longer rare for those in a relationship to have separate accounts, earn their own money, and pay their own bills. In these instances, a prenup agreement is practical and common-sense, and not extraordinary. Both parties can win.

Potential Children Can Also Win

While in many instances, like here in Florida, prenuptial agreements can’t determine the fate of any future children, the groundwork has already been laid for financial disbursements in a dissolution or divorce. If the divorce is handled fairly and maturely by the parents, it lays the groundwork for discussion between individuals about the future care for any children.

In fairness, doubts and concerns about getting married occur for most couples. Those concerns can be exaggerated when there is a distinct unbalance in premarital assets. These doubts can be minimized through a well-planned, thoughtful prenuptial agreement. With the right, experienced attorney and the proper attitude, both parties should win with a prenup.

If you or someone you know is getting married, the benefits of a prenuptial agreement should be explored. It is not about who wins or loses, but about creating a mutually beneficial agreement. In the Tampa, Florida, area, our family law firm specializes in prenup agreements. Reach out to us and schedule a no-cost initial consultation. We can answer your questions and help determine your next course of action.

tampa prenuptial agreement

tampa prenuptial agreement

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