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America Embraces Prenups: 50% of Adults Open to Signing


Half of U.S. adults are now open to signing a prenuptial agreement, shattering the outdated notion that such contracts are solely for the rich and famous. This shift reflects a broader change in attitudes towards marriage and financial planning, driven in large part by millennials and Gen Z. According to a recent Harris Poll conducted for Axios, the popularity of prenups is on the rise, with 50% of U.S. adults at least somewhat supporting their use, up from 42% last year.

The Millennial Influence

Millennials are at the forefront of this trend, with many seeking to protect their assets before tying the knot. The Harris Poll revealed that 47% of millennial respondents who are engaged or have been married entered a prenup, while 41% of Gen Z respondents reported the same. This demographic shift is significant, as it highlights a generational change in how young adults approach marriage and financial security.

Why Prenups Matter

Prenuptial agreements, once viewed as unromantic or a sign of distrust, are increasingly seen as practical tools for financial planning and protection. As Americans are getting married later in life, they often bring individual assets and debts into their marriages. Prenups help address these complexities, offering a clear framework for asset division and debt responsibility in the event of a divorce.

Despite the growing acceptance of prenups, only about 20% of married couples currently have one. However, the trend is shifting, particularly among users of the dating app The League, where 66% of respondents indicated they are open to signing a prenup.

The Reality of Divorce

Divorce remains a common reality in the U.S., with around 40% of marriages ending in divorce. Even with a recent wedding boom that temporarily pushed the marriage-to-divorce rate down, the long-term trend underscores the importance of financial planning for married couples. Prenuptial agreements provide a way to navigate the financial complexities of divorce, often removing the process from the court system and avoiding potentially unfavorable state laws and judge rulings.

A qualified Tampa prenup lawyer can guide couples through this process, ensuring that their agreements are legally sound and tailored to their specific needs. By consulting with a Tampa prenup lawyer, couples can address concerns unique to their circumstances and protect their financial future.

Personal Stories and Expert Insights

Beth Williams, a 34-year-old newlywed, shared her experience with Axios, highlighting the importance of open communication about money in her marriage. Having witnessed her parents’ contentious divorce, Williams and her partner chose to sign a prenup to ensure financial transparency and protection. As the founder and CEO of Future Wallet, Williams advocates for financial education and encourages couples to discuss prenuptial agreements early in their relationship.

Kelly Chang Rickert, a family law attorney and TikTok influencer, emphasizes that prenups are not solely about denying a partner half of the assets. Instead, they clarify financial expectations and protections, such as shielding one partner from the other’s debts. This clarity is especially important in states where divorce laws can make individuals responsible for their partner’s unknown or pre-existing debts.

Simplifying the Process

Recognizing the need for accessible and affordable prenuptial agreements, two millennial women launched HelloPrenup in 2021. This online platform charges a flat fee of $599, significantly lowering the cost barrier for couples. According to HelloPrenup, the platform is projected to handle 25 times more prenups in 2023 than in its inaugural year, reflecting a growing demand for these agreements.

Data from HelloPrenup users shared with Axios reveals that 65% of users seek to protect themselves from their partner’s debts, while 87% want to clarify which property is separate versus marital or community property. These statistics highlight the practical reasons behind the rising popularity of prenuptial agreements.

The Role of Legal Professionals

The involvement of legal professionals, such as a Tampa prenup lawyer, can greatly ease the process of drafting and finalizing a prenuptial agreement. These experts provide invaluable advice, ensuring that the prenup is fair, comprehensive, and legally binding. A Tampa prenup lawyer can help couples understand state-specific laws and how they might impact their agreement, offering tailored solutions to meet their needs.

Changing Attitudes

The increasing acceptance of prenuptial agreements marks a significant cultural shift. “A long time ago, I think if you mentioned ‘prenup,’ it [brought] up fears of divorce,” says Kelly Chang Rickert. “Today, it’s more accepted [as] part of the wedding planning process.” This change in perception is evident in the rising number of couples who view prenups as a standard part of their marriage preparation, much like planning the wedding itself.


The growing openness to prenuptial agreements among U.S. adults reflects a broader change in how society views marriage, financial planning, and personal security. As more individuals, particularly younger generations, recognize the value of these agreements, prenups are becoming a common and accepted part of the marriage process. This trend underscores the importance of financial transparency and proactive planning in building strong, resilient marriages. For couples considering this step, consulting with a Tampa prenup lawyer can provide the expertise and assurance needed to navigate this important aspect of marriage preparation.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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