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Passports for Minor Children

Common questions regarding obtaining and handling a passport for your child. 

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What happens to my time sharing when I am deployed?

For parents who are going to be deployed, your timesharing rights can be reallocated.  

Tampa Custody Attorney

My Ex falsely accused me of child abuse, what should I do?

Accusations of child abuse is never taken lightly, but it is possible where one parent may plea that for their own gain. 

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Does Cheating Matter?: An Ashley Madison Affair

If infidelity is the cause of a divorce, the court may still take that into consideration. 

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Can I Keep My Engagement Ring?

If you called off your engagement, you may want to be prepared to turnover your ring. 

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If both parents agree, can I move out of state with my children?

Moving long distance with children requires more than a mutual verbal agreement. 

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If my vehicle is in my spouse’s name when I file for divorce, will my car be taken away?

If your name is not a title, you may not immediately lose your vehicle.

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Can I Bring A Paternity Action Prior to the Birth of the Child?

When you can file a case involving paternity.

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Should Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?

Recent legislation enacts new standards for grandparents rights. 


Can courts consider 401K accounts when determining alimony?

A Florida Court recently held that retirement accounts distributed to parties might be considered income for the purpose of determining alimony.