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Is My Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) a Marital Asset?

In any divorce case, retirement funds are fair ground for equitable distribution.

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What Is the Putative Father Registry?

Unnmarried Florida men can retain paternal rights through a legal registry.

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Will the Court Separate Siblings in a Custody Case?

 The courts seek to provide the best possible living situation for minors during custody cases. In rare cases, siblings might be living under two different roofs.

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What Happens at a Case Management Conference?

What you need to know if your case requires a case management conference.

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What Happens at a Pretrial Conference?

What a pretrial conference means for your court case.

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Community Involvement September 2016

Our involvement in the Tampa Bay community for September of 2016. 

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How to Legally Change Your Name in Florida

A simple overview on name changes in the state of Florida.

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Do Florida Courts Care About Adultery?

Despite Florida following No-Fault divorce policy, infidelity might not go unnoticed by the courts. 

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Religion and Parenting Plans

Are religious practices included in a parenting plan?

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Can the Court Award Child Support After a Child Turns 18?

Even after your child becomes 18, child support obligation might not automatically end.