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Reasons to Request Child Custody Modification

The child custody arrangement the judge granted months ago might not be working for you anymore. The good news is that you have the option of asking the judge for a modification. Here are some of the common reasons parents request child custody modification: The Child is In Danger One of the most common reasons […]

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Protecting Your Estate from Your Adult Child’s Divorce

Part of the “American dream” is to work hard, save your money, and have enough leftover when you die so that you can leave your children some type of inheritance. These assets can be in the form of money, stocks, bonds, real estate, and more. But the one thing parents do not want to happen […]

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Can a Criminal Conviction Affect Parental Visitation Rights?

When a parent is convicted of a crime, their child custody or parental visitation rights may be affected. The decision dictating a parent’s visitation rights is not black or white. Especially after a criminal conviction, the court will likely review the case and other related factors to determine whether to make changes or not. Child […]

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“Liking” a Social Media Post Can Result in Jail for Florida Ex-Spouses

“Liking” a Social Media Post Can Result in Jail for Florida Ex-Spouses It is becoming increasingly clear that the law has difficulties reacting to the rapidly-changing social media landscape. This is true for every legal practice area, and recent news reveals that Florida family law is no exception. Florida Ex-Spouse Held in Criminal Contempt for […]

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Can I Check My Spouse’s Credit During Divorce?

Can I Check My Spouse’s Credit During Divorce? For many Florida couples, marriage involves sharing finances and, perhaps, even creating a shared credit history. In fact, simply buying a car or a house with a spouse typically means that the couple now has a shared credit history. If spouses with a shared credit history begin […]

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How Does Child Support Get Calculated?

Custody agreements follow a couple’s decision to divorce when they have children. Sometimes it is an easy process, especially if the couple already has a custody plan in mind. The goal of custody agreements are to make the entire process, including child support and visitation as easy as possible for everyone involved. However, some families […]

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How Can a Criminal Background Affect Divorce?

Sadly, many divorces contain a criminal element perpetuated by one of the spouses. Commonly issues are caused by drug use or domestic violence. The nature of the case will indicate the extent to which any criminal charges become part of a family law case like divorce. If there are minor children, that certainly is a […]

How Can I Legally Establish Paternity?

To speak immediately with an experienced family lawyer Tampa FL Trusts When a child is born to a woman who is legally married, or is a common law spouse, the husband is naturally presumed to be the father of the child. This means his name will go onto the birth certificate of the child. However when […]

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How Does Child Support Affect my Disability Benefits?

If you are the declared as a secondary parent and the court mandates that you pay child support payments to the primary parent, you are probably wondering how your disability benefits will be affected. There are quite a few common questions that recipients of disability benefits may incur when they are forced to pay child […]

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How Do I Chose a Divorce Lawyer?

Some psychologists compare a divorce to traumatic events like the death of a loved one.   In many ways, a divorce is a huge loss to anyone who goes through it and anyone tells you it is not has no understanding of it.   Of all the qualities I advise people to look for when hiring a […]