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Parents who are unfairly accused of abusing their children are strongly advised to seek help from our Child Protective Services Defense in Tampa, FL at The McKinney Law Group. The law aims to do what it can to protect children from abusive situations. But the law also grants adults (especially parents) a great deal of freedom to interact with children in ways they deem appropriate. Too often, only after a stark line has been crossed – and certain behavior can clearly and unequivocally be categorized as neglectful or abusive – can the law place adequate protections around a vulnerable minor.

It is partially for this reason that concerned parents and/or other trusted adults should seek legal guidance from if they believe a child is being exposed to a harmful situation or dangerous person. Waiting until the behavior becomes so abusive as to trigger automatic law enforcement protections can leave children vulnerable to serious harm.

However, what happens if a parent is wrongfully accused of mistreating their children? If this is currently a situation that you are facing, our FL Child Protective Services Defense lawyers can help. 

False Claims of Child Abuse

If you believe that claims against you in a child protective order are inaccurate, please consider contacting our Child Protective Services Defense in Tampa today. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your child’s situation, we may be able to defend you promptly and get your child back into your care immediately. If it was a dangerous person who made false claims of abuse against you, we urge you to call our firm now.

If you simply ignore court-ordered custody or visitation time, you could be held liable for child abduction, even though you are only trying to protect a child from a dangerous person. It is in the best interest of you and your children to get legal help from our child support law firm in Tampa, FL before the matter can escalate. 

Child Protective Orders: The Basics

Child protective orders are legal tools designed to safeguard children from specifically identified dangerous people. These orders may apply to adults who have abused the children in question, but a child does not necessarily have to have been abused by an individual in order to be safeguarded through a child protective order. For example, if one of the child’s parents was abusive towards a child’s sibling, a child protective order may safeguard both the child who did and the child who did not suffer abuse at the hands of a specified adult.

Each state has differing laws that govern the ways in which child protective orders are granted and formally issued. Each state regulates contact and communication under these orders differently. An experienced Tampa, FL Child Protective Services Defense team from The McKinney Law Group will be able to clarify how these orders work in your home state.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have questions about child protective orders or believe that you were wrongfully accused of harmful behavior against your child, please consider connecting with our firm at your earliest possible convenience. Speaking to us about your questions and concerns will not obligate you to take any legal action. Consultations simply help to ensure that your decisions will be informed as you seek to do what is right for your child and your family.

Any situation that involves abuse, especially false claims, is uniquely sensitive and must be treated with care. We certainly respect that you are in a vulnerable position and hope that you reach out to us very soon. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for Florida Child Protective Services Defense at the McKinney Law Group today.