A Guide to Trick-or-Treating for Divorced Parents

A Guide to Trick-or-Treating for Divorced Parents

One of the trickiest aspects of any divorce involving young children is how to celebrate the various holidays throughout the year, including Halloween. No parent wants to miss out on seeing their children disguised as a spooky ghost or a ghoulish witch and no parent wants to feel excluded from the fun and excitement of trick-or-treating. When working with a divorce lawyer Tampa FL, it’s important that you work out a plan that allows both parents to celebrate with your children in a special way.

Here’s a few ways that will keep trick-or-treating frightfully fun this year:

Plan to Trick-or-Treat Together

In the event that the divorce is amicable or that you are able to be civil for big events like Halloween, the best option is to plan to trick-or-treat with your children together. This will make the night relaxed and fun for your children, and it will ensure that you all get to cherish that special moment together.

Attend an Alternate Trick-or-Treating Event

In some cases, the circumstances surrounding the divorce or the logistics of the new living situations may prevent two divorced parents from being able to celebrate Halloween together. Fortunately, Halloween is not exclusively celebrated on October 31 anymore. Across the country, many communities, organizations and schools plan alternative trick-or-treating events that are held on different dates throughout October. Trunk-or-treat events are large trick-or-treating gatherings that are held in parking lots, and are often hosted by churches or schools. In addition, many museums, amusement parks and community parks plan unique trick-or-treating events that allow young people and the young at heart to dress up for a night of trick-or-treating fun.

Divide Up the Trick-or-Treating Time

If you and your ex-spouse live in the same community, it’s possible that you can divide and conquer on Halloween night. Communicate with each other in advance, and decide when the children will spend time in your neighborhood versus their neighborhood. This can be a convenient compromise that benefits both you, your former spouse and your children who will be excited to get different types of candy in each area.

Divorce can make the holidays feel a little different, but with effective co-parenting you will soon settle into a new routine that gives you an opportunity to celebrate with your kids. The right plan also keeps your kids as the priority, and allows them an opportunity to make special memories with each of their parents. Your divorce lawyer Tampa FL can provide you with more insight as you create a schedule for Halloween for your family.

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