A Guide to Trick-or-Treating for Divorced Parents

How to Have a Happy Halloween After Your Divorce

Halloween is one of the less stressful holidays to deal with after divorce, because it doesn’t usually involve commitments with extended families or long formal dinners. It’s a fun, carefree and enjoyable holiday — for the young and the young at heart.

While it may not be as chaotic as the holiday season in December, there are still logistics to consider in order to have a happy Halloween after your divorce. These tips from an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer will help you and your ex-spouse make the most of this delightfully spooky day with your kids:

Communicate in Advance

In the first week of October, you should begin talking with your ex-spouse about the game plan for Halloween night. The two of you should discuss what costumes the children will wear, where they will trick-or-treat and who will be at any scheduled school events. Knowing the schedule in advance will help both you and your kids manage your expectations for Halloween night.

Avoid Making Your Kids Feel Sad or Guilty

Many parents find that they do not get to spend every Halloween trick-or-treating or attending special parties with their children. If you will be spending this year away from your kids as they trick-or-treat through the neighborhood, it’s understandable that you might feel sad, disappointed or even angry. However, try to avoid expressing that to your children. It could make them feel guilty, and prevent them from enjoying their night of candy collecting.

Create a Special Treat Bag for Your Kids

Regardless of the schedule you create with your former spouse for Halloween, you might want to make it an extra special year by creating a treat bag for your children. This will be the best thing to throw in their candy bucket at the beginning of Halloween. Include a few of their favorite candy bars, or even non-candy treats like stickers, erasers, playing cards or collectibles.

Plan an Alternative Halloween Event

As a compromise with your former spouse, you could plan an alternative Halloween event for you and your kids. Rather than trying to have the kids trick-or-treat in two different neighborhoods, choose another night to plan a costume party for your children and their friends. This allows you to make fun Halloween memories with your children in a slightly different way.

There’s always challenges to address when co-parenting around a holiday, but this Halloween can easily be your happiest one yet. For more information on the best way to create a holiday schedule with your former spouse, contact a Tampa divorce lawyer today.


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Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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