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How a Divorce Lawyers’ Fee Agreement May Work

There are many different kinds of lawyers, and each one might focus on a specific area of the law. There are also general lawyers who have experience with a broad range of legal issues encompassing various practices. When it comes to a divorce, or a family-related legal matters, it may be in your best interest to choose a lawyer who focuses on family law. The reason for choosing a divorce lawyer over a general practice lawyer is because divorce is often complicated, and laws change on a regular basis. Furthermore, the cases tend to involve challenging factors such as child custody and the division of assets; both of which will likely take skilled negotiators to come to a practical, fair resolution.

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How a Divorce Lawyers’ Fee Agreement May Work

A respectable Tampa, Florida divorce law firm should be open about their fees and payment structure. This should include a detailed outline of elements, such as:

  • Their hourly rate (when applicable)
  • Their flat fee (when applicable)
  • What the scope of their service includes
  • Rates for any non-attorney work
  • A breakdown of their fees
  • A detailed list of any extra fees
  • The cost of the deposit
  • How you will be billed
  • Whether a payment plan is available
  • How you can pay
  • Dates of payments due

You should also be told how to contact someone in the event of a billing issue to occur, and what happens in the event of a non-payment.

The McKinney Law Group Can Protect Your Interests

Divorce is a complicated matter that often includes a lot of emotions. For many this will be a very difficult period in their life. A divorce that is mishandled can lead to future problems and cause lost time and money. With the right Tampa, FL divorce attorney on your side, you can feel peace of mind in knowing your legal rights and interests will be protected. Our firm can review your case and it’s elements to determine how your assets will be distributed, who will receive alimony or child support and how much, where your children will primarily live, and so forth. Commonsense Divorce Solutions

Our Tampa, Florida divorce law firm has the means to assist clients with all elements included in a dissolution of marriage or legal separation. We encourage amicable solutions to be reached through mediation and negotiation. However, we know this is not always possible and are ready to take the case to court where we will fight for the interest of our clients. Distributing Assets

When it comes to dividing assets and property, this part of the process is vulnerable and without a good divorce lawyer on your side, you may be taken advantage of. For example, if the other side files motions and presents evidence or documentation to a judge, your case may be damaged. A divorce lawyer can challenge the evidence and ensure you don’t get taken advantage of. Final Tips for Finding a Good Tampa, Florida Divorce Law Firm

  • Read online reviews
  • Hold a consultation call with the prospective lawyer
  • Ask the lawyer for references
  • Listen to your instinct

The McKinney Law Group represents men and women who are divorcing or separating in Florida. We consider ourselves to be knowledgeable and efficient in what we do and would like to give your case the attention it deserves. For a consultation with a divorce lawyer, call The McKinney Law Group, a leading Tampa, Florida divorce lawyer you can count on for results.

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