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Parent-Teacher Conferences: What to do After Your Divorce

Going through a divorce when you have school-aged children can be challenging, not only because of the impact on the kids but also because you have to stay in contact with your former spouse. While divorcedĀ parents today are making a better effort to co-parent than ever before, there are still plenty of potentially awkward and difficult moments that you will have to endure along the way. One of those moments is the parent-teacher conference, in which both parents have to meet with their child’s teacher to find out how they are doing in the classroom.

As you work with your Tampa divorce lawyer to finalize your divorce, consider these tips for meeting with your child’s teacher during conferences:

Discuss The Conference with Your Former Spouse Ahead of Time

You and your spouse should be on the same page when it comes to scheduling the parent-teacher conference. Depending on your current relationship with your spouse, you may decide to schedule a conference at the same time or you may opt to request separate meetings. Discuss which type of conference will work best for you and your ex-spouse, and then reach out to the teacher to finalize the arrangements.

Provide the Teacher with Information About Changing Circumstances at Home

Your child’s teacher spends a significant amount of time with your student throughout the week, and they will be able to recognize if something is amiss in the classroom. It’s important to be open and honest about changing circumstances at home, such as living arrangements or visitation schedules. Avoid getting into emotional vents about the situation surrounding the divorce, and instead focus on the important information that the teacher needs to know about your child.

Stay Calm and Respectful Throughout the Conference

Should you opt to schedule the conference together with your former spouse, be sure to make an extra effort to be civil. At the end of the day, all of the adults in the meeting are primarily concerned with the health and development of your child, and that is what is most important.

Remember that the Conference is About the Education and Well-Being of Your Child

Your child should be the focal point of the discussion. You should leave with information about their academic achievements, where they need to focus their efforts and how they are behaving socially in the classroom. If your former spouse is not present, be sure to relay all feedback to them in a polite and courteous manner.

Divorce impacts every aspect of your life, especially if you are parent. From the seemingly-mundane meetings like parent-teacher conferences to the busy holiday season, it will be important that you and your spouse learn to co-parent effectively. For more information on co-parenting techniques, contact your Tampa divorce lawyer today.

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Tampa Divorce Lawyer


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