Partnership Dispute Lawyer, Tampa FLPartnership Dispute Lawyer, Tampa FL

A Divorce Lawyer for Business Owners


When you decide to divorce your spouse, there are two contentious aspects that are often the most difficult to find a resolution two: children and assets. To complicate the matter of assets is a business. 


If you are planning to file for a divorce and there is a business involved, you should consult a divorce owner for business owners. For an immediate consultation, please call The Mckinney Law Group. 


A business is a marital asset and typically will need to be divided equally between you and your spouse. Although this might seem simple, and perhaps both of you agree on this, the following will need to factor in:


  • The value of equipment
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Whether there are any other third party owners
  • + More


As a partnership dispute lawyer in Tampa, FL people know and trust, we are not able to promise you a smooth sailing divorce; however, we can offer you unwavering guidance and legal support that will assist you in making decisions that benefit you and the situation.


When Both of You Are Business Owners

If both of you jointly own a business, it is possible that your divorce will become more complicated. In addition to settling child custody issues, if applicable, dividing your non-business related assets, and one another’s’ differences, you must also be able to maintain a professional working relationship with one another. As a partnership dispute lawyer in Tampa, FL, we find that many couples choose to close their business, sell the assets, and divide the profits. There are those who decide to buy the other spouse out and in a small number of cases, both individuals will continue to operate the business. 


Should there be other business owners or partners, it is important their needs are considered – especially if they are investors or family. If there are any business agreements, or pre or post nuptial agreements, that were drawn up, you should show them to your partnership dispute lawyer,Tampa, FL. 


When Only One of You is the Owner of the Business

If by chance only one of you owns the business, things can still be complicated. If this is true, a lawyer will need to consider:


  • Whether or not the business is marital property?
  • What does business laws and ethics dictate?
  • How much of a role, if any, did the non-owner have in the business?
  • Did the non-owner have another role, such as taking care of children?
  • Did the non-owner contribute any of their own income to start the business?


Is a Business Involved in Your Divorce? If so, Call a Divorce Attorney Tampa, FL from The Mckinney Law Group


Whether you are planning to file a divorce, or already have done so, if there is a business involved, you should call a divorce lawyer from The Mckinney Law Group. This is particularly true if your spouse is contending the divorce or has already retained a partnership dispute lawyer in Tampa, FL. We are happy to discuss your concerns and questions with you over the phone or in our office. 


Don’t wait to get the legal advice you are looking for. Call an experienced divorce lawyer who understands how to handle cases that involve a business. For a consultation with The Mckinney Law Group call us today.