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The Social Divorce: Social Media Etiquette for Ex-Spouses

In a world where everything has to be Facebook official and Insta-perfect, it can be difficult to navigate your social media realm after your divorce. As you work with your Tampa divorce attorney to finalize the process, you’ll want to be thinking about how your divorce plays out online as well. This etiquette guide will help you determine who to stay friends with, and what you should post regarding your divorce.

Rule #1: Start un-friending and un-following.

Unfortunately, when you divorce your spouse you also divorce their friends and family members. Once the divorce is finalized and you are both moving forward with separate lives, the best thing to do is cleanse your social profiles of these people from your past. You and your spouse should decide together whether you should stay in contact on social media, or you can consult your Tampa divorce attorney for advice.

Rule #2: Stay discrete until you are both ready to announce the divorce on your social networks.

Through social media, everyone has become accustomed to sharing the daily details from their lives, so it might seem natural to drop in the lurid details of an affair or the frustrating financial obstacles that led to divorce. However, it’s imperative that you do not do this. It’s not fair to you or your ex-spouse to expose these details to the public, and it could complicate your proceedings. Stay quiet on social media about the divorce, and then work together to decide the best way to announce it on your profiles.

Rule #3: Avoid the temptation to vague-book.

Posting angsty song lyrics that are directed at your ex will only spike the curiosity in others while increasing the frustration in your ex. This will not help your relationship moving forward, and it’s simply unnecessary.

Rule #4: Avoid public displays of aggravation.

The anonymity of the screen gives many people the confidence they need to type what they would not speak aloud. However, in the aftermath of your divorce, it’s important that you avoid arguing online with your ex-spouse or any of their friends or family members. This is not productive and will only end in further hurt.

For many, the tumultuous time when they are going through a divorce is the perfect time to take a break from social media. However, if you decide to stay active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, you’ll want to use this guide as you move forward. To find out more information, contact your Tampa divorce attorney today.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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