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Family Law Lawyers Tampa FLFamily law lawyers in Tampa, Florida know that there have been multiple studies done which examine the effect divorce has on children. Depending on the circumstances of the breakup of the marriage and how well each parent can deal with marital and divorce issues, the divorce can have either a negative impact on the child or it may have a positive impact.

One of the often-studied issues is how child custody affects children. At The McKinney Law Group, our Tampa FL family law lawyers work diligently to ensure that not only are our clients’ parental rights are protected, but that children are also protected. Our legal team is aware of many studies that show that children of divorce who live with both parents suffer less from stress and other negative impacts. Study after study shows that awarding joint legal and physical custody to both parents is the best choice for the children in most situations.

For example, one study analyzed data from classroom surveys of almost 150,000 children. The children were between the ages of 12 and 15 and were in grades six through nine. Sixty-nine percent of the children lived with both parents in a nuclear family setting, 19 percent lived with both parents in a shared custody situation, and 13 percent of the children lived with just one parent.

Researchers were looking for psychosomatic health problems the children may be suffering from. Symptoms the researchers identified included concentration difficulties, decreased appetites, feelings of dizziness, sadness and tension, headaches, sleep problems, and stomachaches.

The children who lived in nuclear families reported the least amount of psychosomatic problems. However, for children whose parents were divorced or separated, the ones who lived in a shared custody arrangement with both parents reported fewer problems than children who lived with one just one parent.

The most common psychosomatic problem reported was sleep issues. The most frequent problem for girls, who reported more problems than boys, was sadness. There were more children aged 15 who lived with one parent than the 12-year-old group.

In their conclusion, the team pointed out that having everyday contact with both parents appears to make a significant difference in alleviating stressors in children, compared to custody situations where children see a non-custodial parent every other weekend.

Although there have been numerous other studies which have concluded that in most situations, children do better in shared custody arrangements, family lawyers Tampa FL families trust know it only happens in approximately 20 percent of custody cases in the United States.

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